League Rules 2021-22

I. Captain Responsibilities
II. Player Eligibility
III. Game Time
IV. Protests
V. Forfeits
VI. Penalties
VII. Icing & Offsides
VIII. Suspensions
IX. Uniforms & Equipment
X. Alcohol/Tobacco Policy
XI. League Tournament
XII. Other Rules


  1. Distribute and explain all Metro Merchant League Rules to all team members prior to teams first game.
  2. Ensure all players on team have read and signed the team roster and individual waiver form before team’s first scheduled game.
  3. Collect all fees from players and sponsor checks – and deliver it to league commissioner within 2 weeks of first game. Make checks payable to Metro Merchants.


  1. All players on a given roster must meet required age by the March 31st of the current season.
    A. Each player shall be 30 years old and up
    B. Roster exception is each team may have 2 players under 30 that are at least 28 years old by October 1st of the current season.
  2. All players must have read and signed their team roster and an individual waiver form before playing.
  3. A player may not be on two rosters in the same league.


  1. Games will consist of three 12-minute stop time periods with 90 second intermission between each period
  2. Game time is forfeit time! Teams need to be ready 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time.
  3. Teams must have 4 players and a goalie ready by game time or 5 players and a goalie (on his way) otherwise the game is forfeited to the opposing team. Teams will be allowed to pick up players from another team if and only if allowed by the opposing team.
  4. Each team will be allowed one -1 minute time-out per game.
  5. The clock shall become running time if the score differential reaches 6 or more goals in the third period. If the score differential becomes less than 6 goals the clock goes back to stop time. The only time the clock stops is for injuries.
  6. In the event of a regular season tie, overtime will be a one three man shootout. If the game remains tied their will be a sudden death shootout.


  1. Protests will be accepted only for violations of player eligibility. Judgment calls by referees may not be protested.
  2. Protests must be placed by team captain prior to the end of the first period.
  3. Any team that places a protest will also be checked for ineligible players.
  4. Players must have ID at all games in cases of protests. Failure to provide ID may result in a forfeit!


  1. Forfeits shall automatically occur:
    A. If a team plays a player not on the team roster or who has not signed an individual waiver forms.
    B. If the team plays a suspended player.
    C. If a team does not at least have 4 players and a goalie ready to play by game time.
  2. A team winning by forfeit will be credited with a 5-0 victory.
  3. In the event of a forfeit, teams are given the remaining ice time.
  4. If one team is short players it is up to the other team’s manager to determine if they want the forfeit win. Or to allow other non-rostered players to play a game against them.


  1. A 1:30 second minor penalty will be assessed for minor penalties.
  2. A double minor penalty (3 minutes on the clock) will be assessed if an official feels that an infraction is more severe than a minor penalty, but does not warrant a major and a game misconduct. Any penalty can be issued as a double minor.
  3. A misconduct penalty (10 minutes with nothing on the clock) will be issued if an individual has done something that requires an individual to be penalized without penalizing the team. This is an excellent method to deal with issues such as taunting or behavior approaching abuse of official. Officials do not have to call a minor penalty in order to issue a misconduct penalty.
  4. There will be no body checking in the league. Minor & Major Penalties will be assessed for body checking. Any intentional body check in a no check league will result in a game ejection. Any player who is penalized multiple times for this infraction may be ejected from the league.
  5. Slaps shots from above the knee are not allowed. Any illegal slap shot will be called off sides and placed outside the zone.
  6. Any contact to an opposing player’s head (elbow/forearm) will result in a minor penalty. A major may be assessed at the discretion of the officials.
  7. Slew-footing will result in major penalty and will be assessed at the discretion of the officials.
    Any player/goalie who receives 5 minor penalties (except misconducts) will be suspended for the remainder of that game and will also receive a game misconduct and be suspended for 1 additional game.
  8. A player who receives multiple game misconducts in a season may be expelled pending League Supervisor’s discretion.
  9. Referees may hand out a game ejection penalty which does not carry an additional game suspension.
  10. A game ejection will be assessed to a player whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the safety of other players or a travesty of the game. A minor or double minor penalty may or may not be issued with a game ejection. A game ejection does not entail an additional game suspension. It is a method by which an individual can be removed from a game in order to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.
  11. A major penalty (5 minutes on the clock) will be assessed for any deliberate infraction that results in an injury or is determined by an official to be so violent that a double minor is deemed insufficient.
  12. A match penalty will be assessed for any infraction that is a deliberate attempt to injure. The result is five minutes on the clock and an indefinite suspension pending a review by the league supervisor
  13. Teams do not have to put any one in the penalty box to serve a major penalty. The team will play with 4 skaters for the duration of the penalty and a fifth skater will come off the bench after the major expires.
  14. If a goaltender receives a game misconduct the officials can decide if he is to be dismissed from the game. If the officials believe that the goaltender is of no further threat he may remain in goal for the good of the game. 5 minutes will go on the clock and the goaltender will be suspended for the next game.
  15. A total of 15 penalties in a game will result in running time. Coincidental minors count as one penalty. Stop time will resume for the last 2 minutes of the third period.
  16. If a player receives 5 penalties in a game that player is ejected from that game with no additional suspension. No player needs to serve that minor penalty, but the team will play shorthanded.
  17. Double minors and misconducts count as one penalty toward a player’s or team’s penalty total.
  18. Any penalty assessed during or after the post-game handshake will be assessed by the league supervisor.


  1. Blue line icing will be observed for all leagues — the center line will not be used for offsides (2 line pass is legal).
  2. Touch-up or delayed offside is in effect.


  2. Alcohol will be allowed in the locker rooms only.


  1. A game misconduct will be issued concurrently with any major penalty.
    Game ejection for game misconduct — minimum 1 game suspension
  2. Player who refuses to leave ice after ejection in a timely manner — minimum 2 game suspension
  3. Player who leaves the bench during an altercation — game ejection + minimum 2 game suspension
  4. Player who is the “third man in” during an altercation — game ejection + minimum 2 game suspension
  5. Player who initiates a fight and/or throws punches in a fight — game ejection + suspended from league a minimum of 3 games. Second offenses for fighting will result in an indefinite suspension from the Metro Merchant Hockey League.
  6. Player who verbally threatens or physically abuses an official/scorekeeper — game ejection + suspended from league indefinitely.
  7. Suspensions will carry over to the following season.
  8. If a player is removed from a game, that player is not to return to the arena area for any reason. The player is to either remain in the locker room or leave the building.
  9. If the player attempts to watch the game after an ejection, that player will be asked to leave the facility and will receive additional suspensions.
  10. A suspended player is not allowed on the bench or in the facility for any reason.
  11. League Supervisor holds right to take disciplinary action where he/she sees necessary.


  1. All players must wear matching jerseys (including matching socks starting 2019 -2020 season.)
  2. In the event of similar jersey colors, the visiting team will switch jerseys..
  3. Mandatory equipment include regulation hockey helmet,(Mandatory face mask or visor 2018-19 season,) shin guards, elbow pads, stick and hockey skates.
  4. All players are STRONGLY encouraged to wear full equipment which shall include a mouth guard, gloves, shin pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hip pads or padded hockey pants, protective cup, and a regulation helmet with face mask or visor with helmet strap properly fastened.
  5. Goalies are required to wear regulation face mask and helmet and throat protector during all games and warm ups.
  6. Helmets must be worn during warm-up and on the bench. Failure to comply may result in a minor penalty.
  7. Helmets not properly fastened will get a warning from referee, the second time is a minor penalty.


  1. Overtime will be a 3 on 3 for 5 minute overtime
  2. If a winner is not decided in 1st overtime it will be followed by a 5 man shootout. Each team will designate 5 shooters, and they will shoot in alternating fashion, away team shoots first. If game remains tied, shootout goes into sudden death with each team having a penalty shot. Players will not be allowed to shoot twice until the remainder of their team has participated.


  1. A minimum of 15 players and a maximum of 24 players are allowed on a given roster.
  2. ANY and ALL SUSPENSIONS handed down by other leagues in the FM area will be also have to be served in all Metro Merchant Leagues

—— All league rules are subject to change prior to or during league play if the need arises ——

Thank You – Jon McPhail – League Commissioner